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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
yeah, its a lot of sugar!! I can never understand why my wife complains about pregnancy glucose tests...they make her shakes are great!!! LOL. If I dont eat soon enough after a workout, I tend to crash hard though
Same here, I love my shake, I really look forward to it.


Last Night

OK, so I lied yesterday when I said I was going to rest my knee, ha, ha.

I love experimenting and finding ways to train around pain...not through it (well, at least not when it gets bad, I'll train through smaller pain, of course, that is probably what LEADS to bad pain, hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't do that anymore, lol).

Viola! Front Box Squats! They took the shear stress off my knee and enabled me to squat pain free. Good mornings and SLDL are both OK due to the limited knee bend and shear stress. Thus I can at least continue to hit legs in some fashion.

Front Box Squat - worked up to 170x3 pain free

Chain Bench (+50)
130x3, 4 sets

SS w/

Band Face Pull, 6 to 8 reps, good squeeze

Overhand Rack Row (Chains +50)
120x3, 8 sets

SS w/ Tricep Pump work


Pull Day

* Tricep Pump sets between most sets of back
* Box Jumps thrown in throughout workout in sets of 1 jump

Front Box Squat (Chains +50)
120x5, 5 sets

SS w/

Stiff Arm Band Lat Pulldown for pre-pump of lats

Front Lever x 6

Ring Row - paused in stretch position
BWx6, 4 sets

Overhand Scrape the Rack Row (pulling up AND pulling back against rack)
130x6, 4 sets

Lat Pulldown - constant tension, pause in contraction
100x8, 7 sets

Overhand Scrape the Rack Row (Chains +50)
100x3, 8 sets

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
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