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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
couldnt tell you how many I eat during the whole day...I kinda just eye ball my food and know how much I can eat to gain/lose/maintain...i do keep a more strict eye when trying to lose though..but my workout shake is 90g cho..45 dextrose, 45 carbo-gain
Oh, I meant PWO, thanks. We're both at 90g cho, good stuff. Makes for a sweet shake.


Last Night

Finished up my 3 day Push Spec Phase with some Chain Bench. On the last set, I did some rest pause until I lost speed.

Chain Bench (+50)
130x3, 7 sets
130x3 +3 +3 +3

SS w/

Band Face Pull, 6 to 8 reps, good squeeze


Pull Day

* Tricep Pump sets between most sets of back

Stiff Arm Band Lat Pulldown for pre-pump of lats

Front Lever x 8

Underhand Scrape the Rack Row (pulling up AND pulling back against rack)
130 (+10) 170x3

Underhand Scrape the Rack Row
140x6, 4 sets

Overhand Scrape the Rack Row (Chains +50)
100x6, 4 sets

Lat Pulldown
100x8, 4 sets
100x8 - on the 5th set, paused all reps in the stretch position


Overhand Scrape the Rack Row (Chains +50)
100x3, 5 sets


So right knee continues to hurt, I am an idiot and keep aggravating it by testing various bodyweight exercises to see if ANYTHING works.

It all hurts (with one exception noted below), so it is time to give it rest. I can take comfort in the fact that:
1) they are the best looking they have ever been and
2) I hit them HARD for the last 4 weeks, so if anything, they should NOT detrain if I take some time off, but rather, they should undergo some supercompensation provided I don't have to rest my knee for too long.

One positive, I can do box jumps (onto a box, NOT over a box). Two reasons I think I can do them:
1) Limited ROM, my knee doesn't hurt until about 1/2 down into a deadlift or squat position. Vertical jumps don't require too long of an eccentric to jump properly.
2) Landing on the box reducesd impact on the knee.

Thus, I will continue to throw box jumps into my routine between sets of upperbody.

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