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Default Ideas for snacks/lunch at work? Have fridge-need food!

I am currently trying to (once again) get my fat, weak *** into shape. This will include a diet change. And maybe less beer.

I need help with good ideas for bulking-fuel. I normally don't have time to prepare a lot of things in the morning, so simplicity is a must - things I can just keep in the fridge all week would be great!

I have a small fridge and a microwave literally within arms reach at my desk at work. I can eat basically any time throughout the day. I've recognized this recently as being quite advantageous to my bulking diet needs...

So heres my list so far for snacks:
1 bag of Sweet Sue chicken breast (3.5 servings - I can easily eat whole bag) = 1g fat, 13g protein. Probably add a little BBQ sauce or Mayo, or both.

Hard boiled eggs I can keep in fridge.

Peanut butter + ???

Whole wheat tortillas + chicken breast + whatever else makes a good wrap.

I normally make a big ham sandwich for lunch, or a salad w/cut up chicken breast.

Here's the sad part: I'm majorly allergic to milk products, including whey or most protein powders (as far as I know). So as much as I'd love to eat a tub of cottage cheese every day at work - I cannot.

Any more ideas?
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