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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
awesome, commander!!! I have been following almost the same protocol for meals as you..I just didnt know it! shake is the same (minus creatine and bcaa)..just protien and TONS of carbs. my biggest meal is usually after my workout too...I think it might just be the summer that made your appetite shrink, because mine sure has.
How many carbs are you taking in? I am up to 90 grams dextrose right now, it makes for a TASTY shake! I mix a bit of dark cocoa in too. Chocolate flavor FTW.

Might be summer, but I actually think it was my metabolism normalizing somewhat post contest. To explain: After the show, I started eating more, and my body craved the extra food (naturally) due to being restricted for months. As a result, my metabolism really revved up, super fast. I think it was bound to come down eventually. I have a naturally high metabolism, but it was higher than normal even for the several weeks post show.

Last Night


Tire Dragging - heavier than normal, and really focused on being aggressive, just KILLING the weight right from the get go

5 sets of pushing, 4 sets of pulling, all in about 15 minutes


Speed Bench
130 (+50) x 3, 10 sets

SS w/

Band Face Pulls

* done in about 8 minutes, great little workout and stimulus

Push Day #3

* Bench work supersetted with Bicep Pump work or Ring Rows (not noted below)
* Preceded each new Bench exercise with Chest Pump work (not noted below)

Bench (Chains +50)
130 (+10 each set) 190x3

170x6, 4 sets

Ring Dips
BW x 6, 4 sets

Partial Bench (10 middle reps and 5 top reps - constant tension, then 5 full reps)
135, 3 sets

Chest Pump Work


Speed Bench (Chains +50)
120x3, 3 sets
130x3, 4 sets

2 sets of pushup to failure, emphasizing the stretch position with pauses and partials


Great 3 days of specialing on pushing. My chest is pumped beyond belief with a nice deep soreness, not trashed, but I can tell that I tapped into some fibers that haven't been tapped recently. Nice it's time for supercompensation.

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