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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
What does everyone believe is the solution to the immigration issues?
I just read this the other day, makes sense to me:

1. Strive to keep families together as they comply with entrance requirements. Wait times for proper documentation ought to minimize separation of immediate family members. The delays now are unconscionable, and are a source of tremendous stress on families.

2. Be fair to taxpayers. Laws should be enforced against those who hire workers unlawfully in order to avoid paying taxes, offering adequate workplace conditions, and properly compensating workers.

3. Appropriately match immigrant admittance with our nation’s ability to absorb and respond to labor needs. We urge that visa processing be made to work so that workers who wait in line can do so in a line that actually moves, giving them incentive to abide by the law.

4. Commit to protect the border with resources, human and technological, that are adequate to the task. We believe that points 1 through 4 comprise the best methods of protecting our borders, by reducing incentives for illegal crossings.

5. Create a path to legal status for those who are here without proper documentation and who are willing to come forth, identify themselves, and pay appropriate fines for having transgressed our laws.

— Tom Minnery is senior vice president of government and public policy for Focus on the Family and executive director of CitizenLink, Focus’s sister organization

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