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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
log is looking good as usual! have you started consuming less protien and more carbs? if so, how is it going for you? I can tell you...I have been eating significantly less as of late because of moving, etc..and i have not lost any size/strenght...goes to show you timing is everything!
Thanks BigBear!

Yes, I chose to consume less protein to save money and I ended up cutting some carbs simply because my appetite shrank unexplicably. I haven't seemed to lose any muscle mass. In fact, I am still trying to gain lean mass and the scale is slowly creeping up, so things are very positive on that front.

Timing is definitely vastly important. I begin consuming my periworkout shake about 10 minutes prior. It is loaded with dextrose, whey, creatine, BCAA, sodium and loads of water to make sure it is dilute. That way I know I am fueling my workout and recovery maximally. After training, I have my biggest meal of the day to further facilitate nutrient partitioning and recovery. So even with consuming less overall, I take in so much quality nutrition in about a 2.5 hour window around my workout, I am at least maintaining all lean mass, if not gaining some.


Prior to this Monday, I wrapped up an intense 4 weeks of Legs/Pull/Push. Deadlifting 4 days a week and Squatting 2. The squat days were intense with partial reps, pumping techniques, speed reps, etc. I think I gave my knee a beating.

I pushed through week 4 but I knew I was pushing it too hard for too long. Now I am paying the price. One of the motivations for my 3 day Push spec phase was to build my upperbody, but I also needed to give my knee a break. I couldn't even do OH Press today due to the "dip" to get some leg drive, it killed my knee. I tried squats and deadlifts with just bodyweight to see how things were and they hurt too, I hate when I do stupid stuff like that. Even tire drags for legs hurt last night so they have to be dropped for now.

The positive? I guess I can really focus on upperbody for a while.

Push Day #2

* Bench work supersetted with Bicep Pump work or Ring Rows (not noted below)
* Preceded each new Bench exercise with Chest Pump work (not noted below)

170, 190, 195, 200, 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230x3

Ring Dips
BW+10 x 6, 4 sets

Bench (Chains +50)
135x6, 4 sets

Partial Bench (10 middle reps and 5 top reps - constant tension, then 3 full reps)
135, 3 sets

Chest Pump Work


Speed Bench
135x3, 3 sets
155x3, 2 sets

1 set pushup to failure, emphasizing the stretch position with pauses and partials

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