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Default Desperate need for program help

So Ive been intending on going to NPTI to get my personal trainers certification to go along with and help support my change of careers into getting my dietetics degree. I've been self employed with my own business for the last several years but in the last 6 months it's just crashed, forcing me into trying to revive it while working 2 other jobs. So what does this come down to? Last year I broke my arm in a TKD tournament bout gained a lot of weight, gone out of shape, etc. I'm now trying to drop weight and get my endurance back with a desperate speed so I can start my program as I am getting more into debt every day and seem to only be gaining weight. I'm working graveyard 2 days a week, and my dayjob is 3 days a week completely inconsistent days and hours...currently on the weekends too so I'm working 25-30 hours in 2 days with like 5 hours of sleep. Needless to say it's hard to get into the gym and break out of this.

So...long premise shor....long. I gain muscular bulk Very easily and retain it, so I am happy to risk losing some muscle to lose fat. I have pretty limited gym equipment as I have an apartment gym that has a leg press with a max of 315lbs, no leg curl, and a max home weight setup of about 125lbs on an EZ curl for my heaviest configuration. I can do curls, tricep extensions, lat pulldowns, bench, and a few others to my max, but there are some limitations.

My need for help? I need help compiling your favorite lifts, shocking techniques, and workout plans that can help me max off my metabolism and cut fat. I can't do heavy deadlifts or squats due to a lower back injury that hasnt strengthened up yet.

Thanks in advance.
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