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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
new game plan...thanks to commander for some insight.

going to try some explosive work, with some heavy work mixed in..not going to post the whole exact routine, as things may/will change day to day depending how I feel. I may add some volume here and there, or take some away..also, "assistance" work will come in the form of Supersets and circuits.

Yesterday to test it out...

275x5, 5 sets

Superset w/

165x5, 5 sets

Cirucit, 3 rounds

Chinups: BWx10, 8, 8
Pushups: BWx20
Situps: 35lbsx15

I am humbled by how much work i did and how destroyed i was.
How did the Squat/Bench superset treat you?

How long did the workout take from start to finish?

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