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I voted for Obama I cannot say I will vote for him again. I thought he would be a great president and a great uniter. I was wrong. I think this country is more divided than ever before, well atleast in my lifetime. I do not believe that is his fault as we have become an entitlement society and everyone wants to be be handed everything instead of working hard for it. Every kid that graduates high school thinks they are entitled to go to college no matter how bad their grades were or if they have no money to afford it. People want to sit around and collect welfare for kids they have no business having. People don't teach thier kids right from wrong and keep accountability of their education. And everything is always everyone else's fault. America needs to wake up and realize 95% of our problems are caused by ourselves. The when the country continues to head down the wrong direction and the same old politicians continue to get elected and do the same stuff that got us into the mess we are in the voters react by not voting instead of voting those people out of office. So I will finish this off with this...Never vote for a President, Governonor or any high ranking office based on party. You should vote based on their principles and if they have done enough to earn the job or another term.
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