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Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
Sorry for my comment. I guess that i was offended by Wizard24's comment, "... and makes you appear to be nothing more than a drone". Especially with the prevalence of so many Ditto-Heads out there spewing Rush Limbaugh rhetoric. I just feel that life experience molds you. Of course, certain beliefs remain concrete. But others, change. Example: If I had a kid like that, I would do such and such. Then, you have a kid like that or worse and you are unable or not willing to do such and such.
I wasnít trying to offend you. I was simply stating that your comment that, there is not 1 Republican who cares about any of the serious issues facing this nation, is terribly close-minded and yes it does make you sound like a drone. Iím not saying that you are one, but statements like that do paint a certain picture especially when you offer no facts, #s or examples.

For the record I donít much care for Rush and can just about count on 1 hand the # of times Iíve listened to him. Iím not spewing his rhetoric or anyone elseís.
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