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Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
I believe that a progressive tax code is the only fair tax code. People, including me, who have achieved a certain level of success and realize the American Dream should enjoy supporting the programs that have made the country great. The greater that we have benefited, the greater taxes we should pay.
I don’t mind paying taxes for those things “that have made our country great”. I would argue that Social Security, Medicare, Welfare and Interest on Debt are not things that have made our country great, yet they accounted for 65% of federal government spending in 2011. The tax revenues the IRS takes in don’t even cover these 4 areas.

Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
I believe that we need more regulation of the banking industry (and, many other industries).
Businesses and industry spend an estimated $1.75 Trillion (yes that is trillion with a “T”) a year to comply with federal regulations. How much more do you believe they need to spend for this garbage? The more you allow the government to regulate business and industry the less control you as a consumer have over the marketplace. Not to mention the loss of productive jobs this money could be paying for, or increased technology advancement.

Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
I believe that most do not realize that they are only one healthcare issue away from or a few paychecks away from needing the programs that they are so against.
I completely agree with you that most people’s financial situations are far, far, far from ideal, but when you allow that to be the responsibility of the federal government you automatically assign your liberty and sovereignty over to the government as well. That I have a problem with.

Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
I guess that I haven't supplied the logic, statistics or facts that you require but I'm sure they are just a few google seaches away.
I don’t require them. I would hope that you would require some sort of proof that what you believe is best for this country actually does help the country and not hurt it. This is not a spiritual issue and does not require faith, but rather facts.
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