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Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
Sorry for my comment. I guess that i was offended by Wizard24's comment, "... and makes you appear to be nothing more than a drone". Especially with the prevalence of so many Ditto-Heads out there spewing Rush Limbaugh rhetoric. I just feel that life experience molds you. Of course, certain beliefs remain concrete. But others, change. Example: If I had a kid like that, I would do such and such. Then, you have a kid like that or worse and you are unable or not willing to do such and such.
No problem.

I do believe life experience is important as well.


OK, It can be frustrating when you start to post new material without responding to older posts. But that is your choice.

Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
My local Mahoning County Democrats recently posted the the following:

Who are the job creators? Let's set the job record straight. In the 23 years that Democrats have occupied the White House since John F. Kennedy took office in January 1961, non-government jobs have increased by nearly 42 million, compared with 24 million jobs created during the 28 years under Republican presidents.
That is really oversimplified as there are many factors in job creation and of course the Senate and House majorities are not always in line with the White House.

Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
The upper class haven't been using their tax-breaks to create jobs.
I don't understand how you can just make this statement. Obviously, some do and some don't, it would depend on if they are entrepreneurs or not.

Also, this is oversimplified as well. As excessive regulations and other issues can lead to lower levels of hiring in spite of lower tax rates. Further, it is a global economy, so tax rates become relative, i.e. even if we lower the U.S. rate, if a business can find a better business environment in another country, than, again, we may see lower levels of hiring in spite of lower tax rates.

History has shown that when you raises taxes too high, businesses and high earners find ways to shelter income from the taxes so tax revenues either don't go up or do not go up by as much as predicted.

When taxes are lower, it does give businesses/employers the means to hire more people, that is a fact of mathematics, whether the other economic factors align to promote hiring is another story.

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