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Originally Posted by Wizard24 View Post
If the best he could do was oversee 4 years of $1 Trillion plus deficits and over $16 Trillion deficit in total at the end of 4 years (when he promised to cut said deficit in half), have less Americans holding jobs today than when he took office, produce 3 budgets that have garnered exactly ZERO votes in either house, oversee the first US sovereign debt downgrade in American history, have the lowest home ownership rate since the mid-60s, add nearly 20 million people onto the food stamp program, have the percentage of taxpayers be the lowest % on record, and have his signature piece of legislation about to be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court . . . I have to ask, WHY DOES HE STILL HAVE YOUR VOTE??
Because, McCain, Romney nor any other Republican care about any of the issues that you mention. They care more about lower tax rates on the wealthy than addressing any issues that our nation face. His real problem was that Obama trying to work with the Republican congress and all they were interested in was to keep him from being re-elected. Go ahead and keep voting for the Republicans, the self-named Conservatives. But, be ready for more movement of individuals from the middle-class to the lower-class. Hillary and Bill tried to convince everyone that health-care needed addressed in the early to mid-90s but it didn't become an issue until "your" health-care goes away or costs to much.

"If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, "they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."

I desire that the next generation has it better than the current. It doesn't look promising with the current so-called, self-named conservative, christian majority.
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