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Originally Posted by TheProphecy View Post
It's good to be back at ABCbodybuilding as I've been gone for a while and to say the least, have fully committed to training and staying health.

I'm currently ~213 pounds and have been hitting the gym with great intensity for approximately 9 months and have seen great progress. I changed my diet religiously and have lost approximately 7 pounds, though I have seen positive significant changes in mass.

My goal is to now drop body fat and I am currently taking BCAAs & Whey Protein. Nothing else. Am I cutting myself & results short by not adding additional supplements? If so. Any suggestions of what else I should be taking?

My goal is to drop to ~203, sustain my current body frame, and drop body fat.
That is fine, I entered a bodybuilding show recently and was very lean. Throughout my prep I only used whey, creatine and BCAA. The final 3 weeks I used a caffeine pill (200mg) in the morning when I walked my dog. That was it, nothing fancy. Fat loss is accomplished by a sensible diet (assuming your training is in order).

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