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missed the last couple of posts....

here's todays workout

squats 215lbs 6,5,5
Bench press 145 lbs 6,6,5
Barbell Row 145lbs 5,7,6
Dips 45 lbs 8,6

Squats are feeling good. Bench still hurting shoulder but not terribly and only during the exercise itself. I notice less pain the higher i keep the bar to my clavicle. For instance, when it touches below my nipples it hurts like a mother. It seems like this angle of my arms is where im injured or whatever.

Next time i do the bb rows im also going to stand on a platform. According to mark rippetoe you must return it to the ground after each rep. well, i feel like i don't get a full stretch at the bottom and its like doing partial squats to me... just a no no...
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