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First thing is that it looks like your goals are not consistent. In your post you say you have started a “running training program to get in shape this summer”, but your sig identifies your fitness goal as “bulking”. Now maybe you just have not updated your sig, but first make sure you have a clearly defined goal or you will never succeed.

Second, you don’t need to do a running program to get in shape. I believe that weight training can do a better job of that than just running. All you need to do is adjust your diet and set up a consistent training program. You could just listen to your body which seems to be telling you that it can’t handle the additional running as well as the weight training and just decide to do one or the other.

Finally, if you are determined to continue with the running I would agree with the others. Your legs might be killing you at first, but once you get into your run the pain usually subsides. It is almost impossible to increase strength without discomfort. You know, the whole No Pain No Gain thing.
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