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Default Contributors? Technique demonstration videos.

While at the gym today I was thinking back to when some one posted some power lifting instructional videos for proper technique in some lifts, and I was thinking it would be an awesome feature to have on ABC and one way to drive traffic to our site. I love our workout 3d and slides, but if some one would be willing to either incorporate into our site or merely make a channel for ABC and make posts, or a section for these videos to be posted (merely posting the URL of the video itself will automatically embed the video) would give us a great resource for proper lifting technique in exact detail, as well as links out on ze interwebs (a link in the description of each video) for more people to find our community.

While I've been lifting for years, I'm not in great health, don't have access to a full gym at the moment, and overall wouldn't be the best person to actually do the videos. That said is there anyone who might be willing to grab a friend and a camera and take a video of each lift with an audio description of the different elements of proper technique? If so we can easily get a youtube channel made, and a place here on the site for such an excellent resource.

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