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Originally Posted by spider-man View Post
if i remember right a few years ago you had worked your deadlift up to 500lbs. Am i right or am i mistaken? if so, have you entered in any strength competitions?

sorry if im totally misinformed..
hey man...yeah i used to deadlift 540...i've done 3 powerlifting competitions and the highest i hit was 535 at a bodyweight of 196...the last time i competed was January 2011...after that i had a knee injury and then a back injury from overuse...i came back a little too fast too soon and then hurt my back again...i'm slowly working my way back up...feeling the best i've felt in the gym in a long time.


i'm updating from the last 2 days...the workout on friday was pretty solid...deadlifts went well...bench is going back felt off during the last i packed up my bags and left...i no longer can afford to "man up" and push through workouts...if i don't have it...then i don't have it and i move my back felt fine but i did a little deload circuit...mostly because i'm flying out to San Francisco this afternoon and my focus isn't there right now because i'm nervous as hell about the flight and about my presentation on Wednesday...honestly...people who know me...know i have some anxiety issues at times and they don't debilitate me...but they do put me on the verge of "sickness" at also usuallly allows me to be in the absolute zone...which is necessary for this Wednesday...i've been busting my *** with this research thing...and it's time to do battle with the minds...with the resistance against me...a lot of people want to look down at me sometimes because i work 7 days a week...because i'm in the lab 7 days a week...because i'm reading books/papers 7 days a week...they say i need balance in my life...but what they don't understand is that i can't just show up places and do well...i can't work 4-5 days a week and be successful...i know this about myself...this is why i put in the time everyday...because i want to be great and i have to do that to be great...most people take off 30% of the year from work...there is no way in hell i could do that...nor do i really want to...i love what i do...i WILL be the best...and if i have to work everyday for the rest of my life to f'n make that happen...i this conference i present Wednesday afternoon/'s easy to talk the talk to people in your's easy to talk the talk at presentations at your University...but now it's time to put up or shut's time to take the risk...i will have my Team Norton shirt on underneath my dress clothes...and i realize a lot of people think that is corny...but i don't really care...the message and focus it gives me is worth whatever "thoughts" you have about it...the message changed my life and honestly it saved my life...time to shine
The"Outwork" mindset changed my entire life, perhaps it can help you as well

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