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Originally Posted by GetFitNow View Post
I had a friend tell me he had used Jacked 3d and saw some significant success with it
Clearly not with his GF or wife... based on some of these reported side effects. :P

Where I need clarity is on the "success" part. Was it because of the mixture of specific ingredients? Or, was it simply the added energy and motivation the shake provided?

And i'm Curious - how do bodybuilders measure "success" when trying a new supplement? What metrics are used and analyzed to determine what product works (and why), and what doesn't? (and why).

I know for you guys it's probably in net-gains.. right? But its the "why" question that interests me most. It's is one of the primary reasons I like this site over others as it's founding principle is "Bridging the Gap between science and bodybuilding." i.e. explain and/or discover "why".

Personally - I like to give the athlete 100% of the credit for any and all gains. Because without the substantial and consistent volume of work required - no dietary supplement can "build muscle". In fact, supplements tend to help you work even harder and longer! Take some credit guys. You deserve it too!

... that's my logic.
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