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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
When eating out, just make sensible choices and substitutions.

in addition, be careful about portion sizes as well. Many main-stream restaurant portions are double, if not triple a normal sized portion. Macaroni Grill for example is notorious for this. I went there with a few friends a few months back, and their 10 yr daughter ordered Spaghetti and meatballs off the kids menu. A single portion of pasta for a child is 3/4 of cup. Well, the 4 cup PLATTER they came out was something that I would classify as child abuse. I penned a letter to the corporate office with my complaint about their child portions - not that it will do anything.

I never quite understood this logic. How does over-sized portions that you can't (or shouldn't finish) equal better value? Here's a novel thought - How about a normal sized portion at a normal sized price?? Or offer "half" portions as an option? I'd love that since i'm tiny anyway.

Or - if it's only calories your concerned about -- just order a large "Cookies & Creme" milkshake from Baskin & Robbins. At 3100 calories, you'll be fed enough calories for a day. No math required. Of course if dieting were only about "calories in / calories out" (that alone doesn't work btw), we could simply live on sugar alone.

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