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kept my squat form a little tighter today. Felt good. went way deep liked it alot....

Bench still bothering my shoulder a little bit. I gotta take my time on them. Even with the new form i have been using (god-sent miracle almost no pain compared to what i had before) I am thinking that with the shoulder dislocates and all the other work that i am doing for my shoulders (OHP, bb row, pullups, even deadlifts help it feels like) if the pain doesn't steadily lessen or go away within a few weeks i will just replace flat bench with inclines, with which i have NO pain whatsoever (plus i feel its a better exercise all around).

Squats 195-3x5
Bench 135-3x5
BB Row 135- 3x5
Dips BW- 2x7 (got slightly weaker on these too, but it felt like i was just flat tired more than anything in the arms.)

all in all took less than half an hour tons of warmup sets included for each... like 4 or 5.

I am much more used to the really high octane workouts, like for example full body workout 1-2 sets per exercise 6-10 exercises of bust your cajones super freakin retarded hard sets (20 rep squats anyone anyone)! missing that now that i am doing this. Don't really know what to do between rest periods. After 8-12 weeks of this i think i am going to rev it up. Keep the same exercises probably just do the sets differently. More dynamically.

Oh on a side note, even though this was only my third real workout since i started again i am already starting to feel stronger and more grr... naw mean? workout B is more awesome-er than the a workout too... squats deads ohp pullups... yeah baby...
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