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Originally Posted by keeptruckin View Post
That part is done empirically by tracking the calories and my weight. But as far the eating/cardio goes, it starts out with an estimate of how much cardio for X calories. The idea is that I add X calories and do approximately X calories of cardio WHILE LEAVING EVERYTHING ELSE THE SAME (calorie intake, meal frequency, calorie balance) whether bulking or cutting.

I actually do think there is an advantage - heart conditioning as well as more calories of micronutrition opportunity. The question is whether or not the additional cardio will demand additional micronutrition equal to the X extra calories consumed. I do know people with higher metabolism are at an advantage, whether cutting or bulking. Part of the reason is the additional micronutrition opportunity (i.e. someone who burns 3000 calories a day and is running a 500 calorie deficit gets 500 more calories of intake micronutrtion opportunity compared to someone who bursn 2500 calories a day and is running a 500 calorie deficit). I'm thinking "calorie covered cardio" may actually end up simulating a faster metabolism ... plus the heart workout benefit.
Ahhh, Berardi's G-Flux concept. It has worked for me, that said, you probably won't have to add in that many calories.

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