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24/05/2012 3:30PM

Bench press
45 x 10
45 x 10
55 x 10
55 x 10
60.5 x 8
60.5 x 8

45 x 10
88 x 10
88 x 10
88 x 10

Military Press
27.5 x 10
33 x 10
38.5 x 8

I tried to do some assisted dips but there was too much pain. I guess it squeeze's the ribcage together quite tight.

Notes for next time:
  • Stretch my legs out before squatting.
  • Don't drop the bar down too low with the military press.
  • When benching, do not rest or bounce weight on the chest.
  • Temporarily, use an exercise other than dips to train triceps.

Again, I was intentionally lifting below what I could have to try and ease back into things. The squat actually felt pretty good - I didn't feel any pain so I guess that means my spine is doing its job

- Legacy
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