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Originally Posted by wildgrl View Post
Not at all. In fact - it's a great question! I wish more ppl would question traditional diets and techniques. I believe that sometimes breaking with tradition advances our understanding.

I think the idea of high carb/protein/no fat PWO balance is a byproduct of the classic idea (or misunderstanding rather) that "fats make you fat" when in fact dietary fat's contribute the least amount to adipose tissue when comparing all three macro-nutrients.

btw: Protein drinks are commonly 4:1 sucrose to protein ratios. It should be called a "carb drink". ... technically.

The logic is that the lack of essential fats and other nutrients that form a complete protein cell, including the mitochondrion, would render the protein supplementation less effective. The carbs would simply function to refill glycogen stores, the dietary proteins would not synthesized into complete protein cell and convert to energy and produce nitrogen waste in the process.

Body Protein cells consists of smaller units of amino acids. On its own, the body can manufacture 14 of the 22 amino acids it needs. But the other 8 cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from the diet. These eight amino acids are called "essential amino acids" and include:

- Isoleucine
- Leucine
- Lysine
- Methionine
- Phenylalanine
- Threonine
- Tryptophan
- Valine

Note: Its important to understand that if your PWO drink doesn't contain all 8 of these amino-acids, then logically it can't be effective PWO drink. As loading up on some - but not all - won't complete the requirement. It simple becomes a beverage. I do remember checking some whey brands some time ago... and quite a few lacked the complete list. So... check your labels.

The liver uses the 8 amino acids obtained from dietary protein (food or supplements) to build body protein cells that we ("we" being humans) can use for growth. These complete protein cells are encapsulated and held-whole by the mitochondrion membrane which is created with fats. So - all 8 essential amino acids + fats = good cellular integrity. It will be used as a body protein.

My personal logic is: You guys work tremendously hard and try to take advantage of protein supplements as much as possible - even if that means over-loading on dietary proteins. You simply want to be sure your giving your body what it needs. And that makes sense. My argument is be sure that your "needs" list is complete and not fragmented. (And don't look to the supplement makers to tell you about any fragmented components - because they won't.)

Lastly - there are countless contradictions when it comes to diet and athletics so it's always good to question these things and challenge others to give more information. Then you can then make up your own mind about which is more correct.

One classic example: "Eat whole, unprocessed foods and stay away from processed and refined sugars" Right?

Well.. Whey protein shakes are about as refined and processed as any natural food source can ever be. So clearly many of the rules are based on tradition... rather then science. Or in this case.. and mixture of the two.

Again Std disclaimer applies. I'm NOT a body builder. I'm just a PT. You guys do what you think works best. I'm just hoping I can help in my own little way.
Great response. There are definitely some things there that I haven't thought about. I'm always looking to improve my understanding of nutrition. I have some new ideas to consider now.
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