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so did tonights routine a little later than usually, but as went pretty well.

I decided to keep the weights a little lighter than what im physically capable, as i am in kinda crappy shape. Oddly i feel like on the ohp it was almost all i could handle with awesomely freakin sweet form. Oh yeah thats the other reason i kept lighter. TO focus on form.

1. squats 185lbs 3x5
2. ohp 95 lbs 3x5 (had a hard time stayin under the bar on the last set, really had to focus on pushing out my hips to get under it.)
3. deadlifts 255 lbs 1x5
4. pullups 3x6 (got weaker since saturday on these was afraid that would happen. idk why when i don't do these for a while, i stay allright, but once i get workout number two, its like i lost strength. Whatever ill get better)

so my goal is this: in 8 weeks and 24 workouts time, have a 300lb squat. So that will be a steady 5lb increase each workout from now till then. Hopefully a 150lb OHP as well (if not more) and im undecided on deadlifts, but thinkin an 80-100lb increase sounds good, (realistically probably more like 60 but hey im aiming high) for a total of about 345-355 for 5 reps. so we'll see.
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