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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
at the minute i roll a rotating system.. min increase of 1kg per exercise per cycle..
Day 1-3 heavy 2 sets per exercise 6-8 reps
Day 4 off
Day 5-8 Volume 10 sets main exericise, rest are 2-3 sets.. 8-12 reps
Day 9 off
Day 10-12 Pre-Exhaust. mains sets 25 reps then a triple drop 6,6,6 rest are 2-3 sets 8-10 reps..
something along the lines of HST?

i dont know, you are def a little more advance then me, but having almost 10yrs of lifting experience, i have found this very simple approach...the best to making progress in's along the lines of DC but def not DC.

My split is Push/Pull based these days, Push day i do Chest, Shoulder, Triceps & Legs while for Pull day Back, biceps.

now for chest, it's just 1 exercise eg bench press or decline or inline may be, i do 4 sets aiming for 25-30 reps total.. as i am able to make it 30 reps i increase the weight. at the same note i make it a point to increase the weight EVERY session...which of course is not realistic after you have reached a certain level but get the point?

there is no magic or secret in above, it's just what i learned over reading stuff from dante & boss. keep hitting your muscles harder then the last time (by simply increasing the weight from last time) and you will be sore & be growing !

this simple approach has been working for me quite good actually.
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