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Going to experiment with a Push/Pull/Legs split for the time being.

I love the HFS (High Frequency Strength) work that I have been doing. I sincerely believe that I have made excellent improvements in body comp with it. And it will definitely be a routines that I come back to again. But I want to try to incorporate some more pure bodybuilding movements while still retaining a high frequency of the "big" lifts.

Here's how it looked:

Pull Day

Stiff Arm Pulldowns for Lat Pump - 2 sets of 30 seconds

281, 306, 331, 306x5
281x5, 2 sets

superset with

OH Press
130x5, 5 sets

(OH Press and Deadlift were retaining elements of HFS, and Deadlifts also are great for the Pull day in terms of hitting the lats)

Front Lever - AR: Tricep Rope Pushdown - 4 sets (one after every 2 levers)
8 sets of 1 lever

* Tricep Pushdown was performed strict and spreading the rope, then strict no spread and finally using momentum to fully exhaust the triceps

Chinups - AR: Tricep Band Pushdown - 20 to 30 seconds of reps constant tension
BW+25 x 6, 4 sets

T-Bar Row
100x10 midrange partials, x5 top half partials, x5 full reps - 3 sets

superset with

44x8, 3 sets

* This was fun, triceps and lats were simply blown up after this.

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