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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
i did the stretching.. i hardly get doms because i do random things when bored anyway.. like 1 hour of squats with 110kg or pack of card tricep pushdowns.. only time i get doms now is from german volume
i know you are too advanced for all this but still try this...say for Shoulders... focus purely on increasing the weight - even as low as 2.5lbs..every session you hit them.. and do the same exercise over & over again for 6-7 weeks. for eg. Monday hit shoulders with military press for 4 sets x 7-8 reps, do a accessory movement (upright row or side laterals etc). repeat the same on Friday...same 2 exercise but make it a point to increase weight specially on Military press.

then tell me if u you didn't get doms.
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