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Hey!! Thanks for checking in!! I still troll the threads, just usually dont have time to update my journal daily like I used to, in the middle of trying to move!! I started working out w/ weights 3 days a week

squat/bench (pullups, pushups assistance) 3x5 main lifts, 8-10 assistance
squat/dead (RDL, kettlebell, db row assistance) 3x1main lifts, 8-10 assistance
squat/bench (push press, leg raise assistance) 3x3 main lifts, 8-10 assistance

and doing a jog day and a sprint day with other various bw circuits mixed in..things are going very well, my body is adapting to heavy weights again, and I am continuing to get into very good physical shape (not that I wasnt before!) Ive also changed my youtube channel (trying to simplify my life and ditch the vanity stuff), so subscribe to it! kjbarry86 ....ill try to update a little more often!!!
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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