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Default Post-Exercise Blood Sugar

Hello all,

I have been reading here but have not posted in a while. During my last annual physical my fasting Blood Sugar was 101 which is slightly above normal (70-99) and given that my mom is diabetic, I am a bit concerned. That morning I was chewing sugar free gum prior to my lab so maybe that affected it. Anyway, I tested at home yesterday and it was 89 fasting and 106 2 hours post meal so my concerns were alleviated. However, I thought I'd test again this morning to get an average and it was 100. The only issue is that yesterday (89) was upon waking before going to the gym. This morning was about 30 minutes after a cardio workout (still in fasted state). I read a little about it that this can happen but I'd appreciate a bit more of an explanation; please. Thanks.
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