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Originally Posted by wildgrl View Post
well.... older... (compared to me) but not even close to "old". In my last gym, New Lady Fitness, I had clients that were 70-75 yrs old that looked better then some in their 50's. So at 51, your probably being envied by those in their 30's! (mathematically). hehe.

Personally, I find older people more receptive and open and fun to be around. I always have. (I've always been an odd-ball). I feel older people actually care more about health and wellness more then the younger people, who's primary concentrations always center around the ever-lasting battle in "losing weight". (as if a number on a scale automatically evaluates to good health).

Sooo... how many females are there on this site? Hopefully more then 2 or 3!
i believe there are around 20 but theyre very queit alot just read
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