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Default the OCD diaries....

ok so some of you may remember me i remember a couple of you... most are new to me some are old hats.

Yeah... i have been away for several years. so let me say a few words to all my old friends.

1. nuts.

2. sorry for being a jerk way back in the day. i looked back on a couple of my old threads and posts and was kinda embarrassed. Im different now couple life events ( college, religious mission for two years, marriage, child, getting way away from lifting)

3. like i said, im in bad shape now, not a ****y jerk anymore ( trust me i was bad like i had some of my posts and threads actually deleted by the mods) and in a lot of need for some serious help.

Ok so i have not TOUCHED a weight since july of 2009. Sorry i know i have sinned. At the time i thought i was some tough stuff. Now im just stuff....

Been doing a lot of searching around for a good routine, since my old ones are WAY too hard for me now and i will die if i try them.

So i have decided to do a 5x5! well, its actually gonna be a 3x5 but you know its that type of routine. Same general idea for newbs and yea.

Oh, one word of advice, when you don't lift for three years, your first day back in the gym it is not advisable to try a 20 rep squats routine. You will die.

But on saturday when i was done being dead, i went to the gym and practiced and tried to perfect all the lifts i will be doing in my routine. These were my lifts and numbers:

squats 7 reps x 215 lbs. Deep high bar squats (the only way to squat IMO) legs are sore.

deadlifts 8 reps at 265 lbs. used mixed grip

barbell rows (never done these much, first time doing them pendlay row style) 135 at 5 reps.

flat bench 135 at 5 reps.

NOte on the bench. I have two messed up shoulders. Took like 45 minutes practicing bench form as taught by the great mark ripptoe. Did't hurt shoulders once form was down but nonetheless gonna go slow on these.

OHP 105 at 5 reps.

Pullups 9 reps

Dips 9 reps ( i do my dips different sorry don't know how to describe how will have to take pics. Basically, gives me a HUGE ROM and makes them way harder)

Decline situps blah... wussed out did like 12 and said forget this....

5'9" 170lbs dressed in gym clothes.

So my routines will look like this for probably the next twelve weeks at least:

M/w/f type

Day 1:
squats 3x5
bench 3x5
BB row 3x5
dips 2x5

Day 2:
squats 3x5
OHP 3x5
Deads 1x5
Chins 3x8

some light cardio after each workout with hard stretching after each set.

My goals are by the end of the year have a 500lb deadlift and a 400lb squat. bench goal= not die. Benching has me nervous i always avoided it but had crap pressing strength too... well, ohp not bad but chest strength always sucked.

so we'll see how it goes... By sometime next year i would like to start competing in either powerlifting or o-lifting, so thinking about maybe instead of just doing the OHP doing a clean and press... maybe idk my gym does not have bumper plates...

So yeah any suggestions? places where i make big mistakes?

this is not either a bill starr nor mark ripptoe nor stronglifts nor pendlay 5x5 exactly. its almost, but not quite i changed them just BARELY to make me a little happier... well, they said i could if i really wanted to so yeah.... Added dips... i like dips....ripptoe said if your starting out train your abs... so i said yes sir... he's awfully funny by the way...
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