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Originally Posted by Bulk101 View Post

This might sound strage but after i eat an apple I get the hungers bad! Not sure if its the insilun it releases and it affects blood sugar levals in a certain way or not. But even if ive had a 5 course meal then have an apple wow the appite comes back with vengance! any one else have this or can explain?
I've heard of this before and it's really interesting... odd... but still interesting. And it's always apples??!

I don't think its from blood sugar/insulin unless you've had hypoglycemic-like conditions before - becoming light headed, dizzy, intense hunger, etc.; after a short energy release or insulin spike after eating. Eating one apple and causing a hunger hormone to fire would be a pretty intense reaction. That's like feeling the floor shake if you drop your keys.

The hunger hormone is one of those that I call a "stupid hormone" because it's simply a set of functions telling our brain to "eat.. because you need something." But it doesn't give any hints as to what that "something" is.

The Leptin hormone monitors our nutritional status, and the Ghrelin hormone tells us we’re hungry. These work together to balance our states of hunger and satiety. As a complex a marvel as the human body is, you'd think it would say "eat a banana" when the body is low in potassium, for example. After all, the body 'learns' and adapts in lots of other ways - except in the cases of hunger. Then it just plays dumb.

So why apples??

I don't know. But clearly something has yin without the yang, borrowing from the Chinese concept of equilibrium.

But if anyone knows the answer to this, id be very interested in knowing. I find stuff like this really fascinating. (i know... i need a life! lol)

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