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20/05/2012 5:40PM
Light weights session.

Incline press
22 x 15
22 x 15
22 x 15

Overhead press
22 x 12
22 x 12

22 x 10

DB Curl
27.5 x 8

This was not a proper workout; my intention was to see where i'm at in terms of form. It would be foolish to add load to the bar if I cannot perform the exercise properly with the bar alone.
I am flexible enough to press quite well. My left serratus is quite tight, particularly at the start of the concentric movement. Lifting slower did not help. I think i'll have to put up with this.

I might write up a weekly workout routine, high-rep low weight to begin with. Injury is a fair possibility, so i'll progress slowly to try and weed out any problems at an early stage.
Everything feels bizarre so it will take some time to be confident with lifting.

- Legacy
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