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Default Mitochondria and strength

Ok, research is failing me. I have no idea why I can't find a definitive answer online so I figured I would ask the pros!

Here's what I've got so far. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise rely on mitochindria to form ATP. Aerobic metabolizes in the presence of oxygen where anaerobic metabolizes without. This second process is known as glycolysis and while faster isn't sustainable for long periods of time since it doesn't produce as much ATP per unit of glucose.


the thing I can't find anywhere online is wouldn't a higher mitochondria density give a greater base for glycosis, translating into greater burst strength? More mitochondria = more glycosis = more ATP = more cellular reaction = stronger lift

This confuses me because mitochondria is primarily increased through endurance training. Why then aren't endurance trainers crazy strong? Is it simply that they don't have the muscle mass?

If the mitochondria DO translate to strength would it then be highly beneficial to mix endurance training into Strength training? Increase muscle mass AND reap greater mitochondria density for a double whammy?

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