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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Unless they are training particularly intense, I don't think they need to worry about a post workout recovery drink.

How about just a sensible diet?
I agree...hence the problem. They are being told otherwise by those that are closer too them (husbands & boyfriends and other friends) who from what I can tell are often sway'ed more by marketing. You know the claims: "drink this and your muscles will grow while you melt away fat". They fall for this crap. {sigh}

So I though...OK... fight fire with fire. Suggest a supplement that won't contradict their efforts and is popular enough to pacify the boyfriends?

My constant mantra is "the word supplement means - in addition to real food -- so start with real food and then see if supplements will help". What they hear is: "you don't need it", and I get rejected as being an anti-supplement person. I'm not.. i just don't blindly recommend them without a specific purpose, or a some way to measure results. Otherwise (in my head), it's just spending money and hoping for the best. To me that's not training - it's gambling. Worse in fact. Because they don't know if they ever win or not.

Hmm... Maybe CM isn't the best choice.

I dunno... maybe I should just look the other way. It just seems sad that they work so hard to remove adipose just to put it all back minutes after they get off the elliptical.

or as a co-worker pointed out "job security?". LOL
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