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I don't citrulline malate would be high on anyone's list of supplements, let alone a non-athletic female.

I train very hard and all I personally use are BCAA (minimally due to expense), whey and creatine.

I posted a summary from below of what CM is/does (more to remind myself).

I just can't see why a non-athletic female would need it, especially post training as it's main benefits are pre-training for the aid in eliminating metabolic by-products that limit the amount of reps you can perform.

Sure you could take it afterward for the benefits of recovery for the ATP-CP system, but are they really hitting the weights so hard and heavy that they need to worry about their creatine stores?

Unless they are training particularly intense, I don't think they need to worry about a post workout recovery drink.

How about just a sensible diet?


Taken from

Citrulline Malate works by powering ATP (major energy source for muscles) production and by eliminating metabolic pollutants such as Lactic Acid and Ammonia from the blood.

Malate conditions the recycling of lactate and pyruvate and is part of the kreb cycle and can supply instant and sustained energy. While the Citrulline part of Citrulline Malate acts to increase NO and to eliminate performance inhibiting metabolic toxins, the Malate part keeps our energy cycle going.

Citrulline Malate stimulates phosphocreatine recovery after exercise, meaning faster recuperation between workouts, and muscles that are primed for growth and your next training session.

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