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Default citrulline malate vs protein

Hey guys.
Every so often a female client will ask about protein shakes pre/post workout. They aren't body builders, but rather fitness conscious woman.

Normally, I don't recommend supplements to people I don't know. (It's an ethics thing for me.) But I also know that if I don't say anything, they will start chugging down protein shakes (and the calories) because their husbands and boyfriends told them that protein shakes are the "beat-all-end-all" recovery drink.

My thought is to recommend Citrulline malate as a substitute recovery drink since it can be mixed with water, provides good recover effects, is almost zero calorie. Also the fact that this is the primary ingredient to most off-the-shelf athletic energy drinks that maybe this will be enough to persuade them?

So... what do you think? Citrulline malate vs. whey? Good compromise? (Remember... non-athletic females).
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