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Originally Posted by Toughgal View Post
I exercise pretty much everyday. Try to keep my 51 year old body in shape, not bad for an old hag
well.... older... (compared to me) but not even close to "old". In my last gym, New Lady Fitness, I had clients that were 70-75 yrs old that looked better then some in their 50's. So at 51, your probably being envied by those in their 30's! (mathematically). hehe.

Personally, I find older people more receptive and open and fun to be around. I always have. (I've always been an odd-ball). I feel older people actually care more about health and wellness more then the younger people, who's primary concentrations always center around the ever-lasting battle in "losing weight". (as if a number on a scale automatically evaluates to good health).

Sooo... how many females are there on this site? Hopefully more then 2 or 3!
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