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Default Is my gym adequately equipped?

It's a tiny one so I know it's far from ideal, but it has the following things

Exercise bikes/treadmills
Leg Extension/Hamstring Combo
Leg Curl
Ab Crunch/Back Extension Combo
Pec Deck
Leg Extension
Chest Press
Law/Low Row Combo
Leg Press/Calf Raise Combo (currently broken)
Shoulder Press

I assume a squat rack
bench press
incline bench???
free weights (dumbbells)

A place for pullups
other kinds of things such as ankle weights, resistance bands, etc.

Could I get a good workout here? How would you guys go about it? Looking for general muscle mass increase and strength increase in general.

This will be my first time working out with weights. I've always done calisthenics. I still want to do them, but how should I incorporate them? Could I do pushups/situps/pullups/hindu squats/handstand pullups/other stuff on my off days?

And would I be better off just doing my usual routine at home (my apartment complex has a place where I can do dips and pullups)?

I made a photobucket account with pictures of the machines and equipment the gym has in case they have non-standardized names

Thanks for the help!
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