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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
You thinking about doing any power lifting meets in the off season?
No, I like working explosively too much. Preparing for a powerlifting meet means working with much higher 1RM percentages. It would kill my current workout pace and frequency.




OH Press Holds + Box Jump

Dog Walk

Lunch Break

Deadlift - AR: Face Pulls - normally I do Stiff Arm Band Hold but my lats are pretty fried from recent back work
277.5, 302.5, 327.5, 352.5x5
277.5, 302.5, 277.5x5

OH Press - AR: Inverted Glute Ham, BWx7
136x5, 7 sets

5 rounds:
a) Maltese Hold
b) DB Curl with Fat Grips 22x7
c) Ring Tricep Extension, BWx5 (8 on last set)
d) Box Jump x 1

277.5x5, 2 sets

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