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I admittedly do not know much about the paleo diet save for the cursory look that I gave it the other day. I will say that as a Christian I don’t see anything wrong with following this diet. In fact it looks a lot like how I eat currently. I feel that the people promoting the diet have made some incorrect assumptions about why it is beneficial. It doesn’t have anything to do with how man and his gastronomical capabilities have or have not “evolved”. It is much more about the fact that on the whole, unprocessed foods are going to be much healthier for you than those that are processed.

In fact I see it as actually evidencing a Creator God. We know that when God created the flora and fauna He looked on it and saw that it was good (Gen 1:12). He told Adam that the plants and trees that produced fruit were good food for him (Gen 1:29) and that he should eat of all the trees in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:16). He instructed Noah to take extra pairs of “clean” animals on the ark with him so that he and his family would have food while on the ark and while they began to repopulate the earth afterwards (Gen 7:2-3). If you look at the food that you can get today I think you would have to agree that it is a far cry from the way God originally created it. Man has degraded the foods that we eat so horrendously over the years. With the artificial ingredients, fillers, substitutes and manufactured food that most people eat, it only makes sense that getting back to eating food that is as close to how God created it would be beneficial.
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