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Energy drinks are absolute poison. Soda is poison. Diet soda is still trash and at the very least I suggest you either keep it very minimal, or as a single variable experiment take time off of it and see how it affects your weight loss. While aspartamine and other supposedly '0 calorie' sweeteners are supposed to not affect your metabolism, your body does react somehow and I do not believe it is good. I don't have the science to back that up at the moment though from a source I can think of top of my tongue.

We know green tea and certain other things help, just not as much as most people think. I take green tea the eons old method, I drink it. It's delicious and I think should more be taken for its antioxidant effects, and if I get some boosted metabolism and other benefits, then it's bonus. The actual diet pills are crazy expensive and I do not believe anywhere proportionate to their actual benefit. You're seeing great progress now, and it won't damage your liver.
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