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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
good plan! I am excited to keep tracking your progress. I am also confident you will see little diminish on your gains by dropping the PRO intake. I have recently done so (last 4 months)...and if anything I am looking and feeling bigger and leaner. I am no where as disciplined as you on the brown rice is my downfall!

i would say I am near 30/50/20 on my nutrients
What a nice thing to say, I am glad you are excited to follow along.

Good to hear on the protein, I don't want to waste away, lol.

I'm about 27/53/20 right now. However that will change as I bulk, the carbs will go up and up and the fat/protein (as a percentage, not actual intake) will go down.


BTW, in case anyone didn't feel like looking at all of those photos, if you only click one, make it this one, it's my favorite:

It was taken during my night show routine.




Overhead Press Hold + Box Jumps


Squat (chains)
205x5, 5 sets
255x4, drop set, 205x3

superset with

OH Press
130x5, 6 sets

Bench Press (chains)
120x5, 8 sets

superset with

Front Lever Holds

4 rounds:
a) Ring Dip, BWx6
b) Ring Row
c) Box Jump

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