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Main Barbell Training

I will be training a bit LIGHTER than currently because I can actually get in MORE volume this way. It is clear that volume is beneficial for size, and I will still be generating high levels of force because I will be lifting as explosively as possible, so my strength levels should be fine.

CT at T-Nation:

I'm not advocating LIGHT pressing... but I'm advocating EXPLOSIVENESS OVER EVERYTHING. So I do not use a weight I cannot be really explosive with. If I feel the need for more maximal muscle tension, I do more rings. Once every 2-4 weeks I might be a few heavy lifts to keep the feel for it, but I prefer now to only focus on explosive lifting... which allows me to almost double the lifting volume without ill-effects
In reality, training is used to send a signal to the body which then initiate changes at the cellular level which lead to body comp modification. Tearing your body can accomplish this to some degree but you then spend so much energy just repairing the damage that progress is hard to accomplish. The REAL key is to send the proper signal
Additional Training

To partition nutrients well all day

CT at T-Nation:

The goals of doing something throughout the day are: (1) to make the body more reponsive to training (2) to activate the nervous system (3) to perfect a movement pattern... all of these are qualitative.
It's best to do more shorter but more frequent bouts of training, focusing on explosive actions, eating enough so that performance stays high to properly manage cortisol.

Mornings - done daily (dog walk dependent on weather)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday OH Press Holds w/ Box Jump, Hollow Body Band Holds (Front Lever and Maltese Position)
Tuesday, Thursday OH Press Holds w/ Fixed Bar Tricep Extension Hold, Dog Walk w/ Box Jump

Afternoons - 20 to 30 minute workouts if time and/or family obligations allow

a) Tire Dragging - Some days use a walking pace, other days be more explosive
3 x (Forward Drag, Lunge Hold, Backward Drag, Vertical Jump)
3 x (Chest Press, Bicep Curl, Band D-Roy Raise Hold)
3 x (High Row, Low Row, Band Lat Hold)
1 x (Chest Press both ways)

b) Tire Dragging with Sprints decrease tire dragging sets to 2 each (instead of 3) to save time/energy, add in 5 or 6 sprints

c) Bad Weather Alternative
Indoor Concentric Focused Workout - 5 or 6 rounds of:
a) Box Jump, b) Explosive Leg Extension 150x5, c) Maltese Cross Hold, 3 reps, d) Band Maltese Hold, 3 reps, e) OH Press and Hold, 2 x 6 seconds, f) Band Lat Hold, 3 reps

Anytime Posing, Band Holds (OH Pullapart to Stiff Arm position), Parallette Work (Maltese Pushups, L-Sits), Serratus Crunches, Snatch, Weighted Quad Raise Hold

James 1:16-17 ESV
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