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So, I am returning to a split instead of my 3 day a week full body setup, which I am not being able to stick to recently anyway. I am going to do a 3 day on one day off split mostly designed to be done at home with my own weights, with some help from my light weight apartment gym when I am awake during their operating hours.

Day one: legs
Day two: back/shoulders/arms
Day three: abs
Day four: rest

Essentially all days will include yoga, mostly sticking to poses that don't heavily affect the body part worked that day (aka no real standing poses like warrior or chair on leg days, no downward dogs on shoulder day, etc.) though I will use some asanas like boat pose in my workouts (like abs), as well as daily cycling in-doors. I will likely be doing one 4 day cycle based on hypertrophy rep ranges where possible, and endurance lifts for the rest. The occasional strength day for my upper body at least is also a likelihood. I can't really work leg strength directly in 1-4 rep sets for purposes of keeping my lower back and joints safe, on top of the fact that I don't need it. When you can leg press 400lbs about 50 reps a set, and get past 800-1000lbs as a max, I don't consider strength gaining all that important.

Legs: These will be done primarily in the home due to the weak resources available at my apartment gym. A typical workout may look like this-

-Leg Press-one or two sets (the max weight, some 320lbs), legs far apart, toes out, feet up for maximum effects on inner thigh and hamstrings.
-Ski Squat, 2-4 sets (50-100lbs)
-Straight/Standard Deadlifts, 2-4 sets (50lbs)

I am not working on strength right now, but a bit of bulking, rehabilitation and lots of endurance. Weights will be lower to be careful with my back (and I only have so much weight on hand). Calves will be essentially ignored, yoga does enough for them aside from any secondary effects from the above lifts.

Arms/Chest/Back/Shoulders: My main weakness is my lower back, so light building work will be done for that, everything else is just again for metabolic bulk and endurance.

-Straight Bench 3-4 sets
-Lat Pulldowns 3-4 sets
-Pec Fly 2-4 sets
-Tricep Rope Or Wide Bar Pushdowns 3-4 sets
-Cable Reverse/Curls OR Wall EZ Bar Curls 3-4 sets
-Hammer Curls 3-4 sets
-Hyperextensions OR Good Mornings 2-3 sets
-Military Press OR Arnold Press 2-3 sets
-Dynamic (circle) Laterals OR Alternate 2 sets

Abs: One place I definitely need some redevelopment, especially as I really want to work on my lower back so need a good balance. Will be hitting abs fairly heavy mixed with a day of just a ****e ton of yoga and cardio if possible.

-Crunches, Either weighted (25lbs) or body weight endurance 2-3 sets
-Side Crunches, for obliques, either weighted or body weight 1-2 sets
-Front And Side Leg Lifts 1-2 sets
-Boat Pose 30-60 seconds 1-2 sets
-Possible Lemon Squeezers and other TKD death
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