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Default Quad/Hamstring balance

Allo Allo, I canceled my main gym membership, and am enjoying a last few workouts until I am stuck using my apartment gym and my own weights at home. The only thing the apartment gym has for legs is a puny 320lb or something straight seated legpress, and because of a weakness in my lower back from an injury that still needs therapy, I cannot do typical squats. As such I have a double question.

One is what is the suggested strength balance between the quads and hamstrings, should it be the intuitive 1:1, like your max leg curl should match your max leg extension?

Aaaand what are some suggestions for hamstring lifts I can do without squats, or typical squats? I can do ski squats safely, and light straight leg/deadlifts are fine, but is there anything else I can add to my hamstring repertoire to make sure I am not neglecting them?
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