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I mailed in my LA fitness cancellation form, so that will go through in 10 days or whatever. I still have that time though, and possibly I already paid for the 'last month' so I may try to get in here and there as able to squeeze out some leg days, like I did today. Today was excruciating, but not in the way I'd prefer. I'm working graveyard at the moment, so my bed time is around 10am-2pm depending, and today I had an appointment at 2pm, and hit the gym around 2:45-3. It was like the average person working out at 2-3am with very little sleep the night before. Barely made it out, glad I'm not ER bound, which is quite possible for me in these situations. Food, then straight to bed is in my future, once I rest enough to get up and make a small meal (PWO shake already consumed, **** hemp protein got on my shirt, looks like sand).

So the workout was NOT NEARLY full energy, to say the least, but at least I got my hamstrings a bit, which I don't really hit at my apartment gym, as well as hip adductor/abductor. Overall, worthwhile.

Warmup Legpress set: 1x15x400
(max on the cable based machine, will switch to weighted machines next time to get a worthwhile weight with hack squats instead of these very limiting machines, but I wasnt all in it today)

Leg Curls:

Leg Extensions:

Hip Adductors:

Hip Abductors:

Torso weight ab/hyper extension structure: 10-10

Total weight volume: 32420. Next session goal 50,000lbs+ with hack squat as main lift.

All together a very minimal workout, but at least I hit some stuff I am not usually able to get at, not to mention the fact that I worked out at all in my ***ked up health life. Glad to see these weights are easy as hell for me at least, even when I am just plain messed up. If only I could lift regularly...On the plus side, I moved in with my girlfriend and I am moving over my exercise bike tomorrow I believe so I can hit cardio every day instead of being limited because of the apartment gyms hours not being in sync with graveyard shift.
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