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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Dude, you looked great. I'm glad to see you were awarded for all your hard work. I knew you were going to crush it!
Thanks Arian, the support means a lot. Now its time to get HYOOGE!

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
awesome pictures of the my eyes you won the novice division hands down! glad to see you're back at it so soon also! (I would have prob. taken a "weak" off!!!)
Thanks Bigbear!

Not sure if there is confusion, but I did win the novice class.

I took second in the Open.

Well, remember, peak week is weird, I hadn't touched a barbell since Friday the 13th! After that is was all tire dragging and posing. Even though I was still and sore from contest day, Monday at lunch all I wanted to do was get under that bar.

Now that I have 3 days of workouts under my belt, I am feeling great and the FIRE is lit baby.




OH Press Hold + Box Jumps

* What a great way to wake up, I seriously love it.


Squat (+50 lb chains)
205x5, 8 sets

superset with

OH Press
130x5, 8 sets

Bench Press (+50 lb chains)
120x5, 5 sets
130x5, 3 sets

superset with

Front Lever Holds and Box Jump

* To compare this lighter workout with one I did a few weeks prior to the contest (245 with chains for 5 sets of 5); squat volume of this workout - 8200, squat volume of "heavier" workout - 6125 or one without chains 6875

Regarding OH Press, volume of this workout - 5200, volume of "heavier" workout (150 for 30 reps) - 4500

Regarding Bench Press with chains, volume of this workout - 4950 , volume of "heavier" workout (180 for 25 reps) - 4500

AND I usually wouldn't hit Bench and OH Press in the same workout. I am squeezing in tons more volume by going lighter and more explosive. It feels wonderful.

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