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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
Awesome Work Commander. Looking shredded.
Thanks Superbilt!




OH Press Hold, 6 sets x 6 seconds

Walk Dog


Deadlift - AR: Stiff Arm Band Holds
270x5, 10 sets

OH Press - AR: Inverted Glute Ham, BWx8
130x5, 6 sets

4 rounds:
a) Band Maltese Hold
b) Ring Row, BWx4, isometric hold on final rep
c) OH Press, 130x1
d) Box Jump x 2

* I might be on to something here. I've definitely preached focusing on being explosive. But I went even lighter than normal (still recovering from contest week) and everything felt great and was super explosive, but here is the added bonus, I got more volume in this way. Due to being light, I was able to get in more sets and still have explosive form.

Total volume of Deadlift was 270x5x10 = 13500 pounds

Total volume of Deadlift from a workout two weeks out from the contest.
361x5, 5 sets

361x5x5 + 311x5 = 9025 +1555 = 10580

Almost 3000 puonds more volume. Nice.

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